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In an effort to keep a record for myself, and share with folks what series I am watching and why, this is the list of things I have watched, hated, and are on my list. Do note that almost all of these are police serial type related (and when they are sci-fi they are really cop/bad buy shows somewhere at heart. Also note that I have no problem with subtitles, and in fact I know them. Some of these, like Breaking Bad and so on are probably more violent than some folks can handle. I come from the "if it makes a damn good dramatic thriller, do what you gotta do" train of thought. So I'm more a Luther than I am a Midsommer Murders kind of gal, if you will. Also, I sure there are things watched and not on the list, and I will add those as I remember them. With no further ado:

Amazon Prime Watched (a couple via Acorn)

Rebekka Martinson (Subtitles)
Jack Ryan (good show, less great if you read said books)
Night Manager
Kettering Incident (wierd. Just wierd)
The Expanse (sci fi)
DNA with Tom Courtney
Trapped (subtitles)
Second Sight (sub)
Jack Irish
White Dragon
Second Sight (Russian with subtitles but held me to the end).
Good Omens (Fantasti)
The Expanse
Crimson Rivers (via Masterpiece)
Mother is Wrong
Arctic Circle

On my Watch list so far:

Mystery Road (Aus)
Line of Duty (Aus)
Sneaky Pete (update: started it didn't hold me, may go back later)
REbus Series
The Feed
The Boys
The Stix
Modern Love
The Smoke
Crown Heights


Mad Dogs
Absentia (I never liked her TV show either)


The Fall
Bordertown (Subtitlted)
Borderliner (subtitled)
The Frozen Dead (subtitled)
Deadwind (subtitled)
Travelers (it's sci fi and involves time travel, but trust me, its a cop show. Trust me)
Marcella (loved season one, hated season two)
Witnesses (subtitled)
The five (a single season show)
The Code (Aus)
Secret City (Aus)
Jack Taylor
Godless (a western officially, but have yet to meet anyone who watched it who didn't love it)
Grace and Frankie (eh, the gals are better than the guys and considerinng who the guys are, thats disappointing)
Altered Carbon (this list is not in order of love, this would be on top, officially it's a sci fi, but its really a copshow binge in one night don't go to sleep thing.)
Babylon Five-yep, had to go back and follow through
Schitt's Creek
The Irishman
When They See Us (everyone should watch this no matter how uncomfortable it makes them feel)
Unbelievable (same as the above)
Black Earth Rising
The five
Body Guard
Virgin River
The Kominsky Method
In the Dark
Blood and waterThe Mire

On my watchlist:

The Crime

Wild Disctrict
Under Cover
Hap and Leonard
Peaky Blinders. I will get there, I will.

And way to many others to name (I keep watched seasons on my watchlist so I know when new seasons are coming)

Didn't like or didn't follow through:

River ( I love, adore, love, Nicola Walker so the fact that I left this show..)
The new Twin Peaks
The OA
Stranger Things

Regular TV shows On Demand or now on another channel (not all cop shows, as such). I have not kept track of all of these, so I add them as I think of them:

The Wire (best drama of all time, one guy says most important seires of the 21st century, number one on like ten lists. It starts slow, but you'll be grateful later that it did. Watch.The.Wire. Plus which every other cop show you will ever see will have one of these guys in it somewhere.
The West Wing
Rectify (on Sundance on Demand)
Sons of Anarchy
The Shield
Mad Men (obviously not a cop show)
Six feet under
Babylon Five (no idea where to watch these days)
Battlestar Galactica (new  not old)
Friday Night Lights. (about to watch it again)
Breaking Bad
Deadwood (they're bringing this back, it seems)
Prodigal Son

Could not watch, did not like"

Oz (I know, I know, it's probably the second best show of all time)
Lost (I don't get it and never did)
Catherine the Great (I love Helen Mirren which should tell you all you need to know).


  1. Love your blog and we have similar taste in tv shows (and similar political views for that matter!).

  2. CometTV shows Babylon 5 on weeknights. It's on broadast TV ... no idea if it's on cable, but you may be able to stream it.

    1. It's just recently shown up again on amazon prime!

  3. You might like Amazon Prime's "Silent Witness" series.


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