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Hi There!

I'm Barb,  and welcome to my blog.  I am an widow and early retiree by circumstance.  I now (for reason's shared early on in this blog), live on a fixed income that includes a pension and social security.  Two legs of the three-legged stool if yo will. I try to regularly share how I live richly on a limited retirement income. I talk about the positives of a fixed income retirement if you will.  Still, this is not just a "retirement blog", but rather a lifestyle blog written by someone who happens to have those widow and retirement experiences.  Much of what I write is relevant to retiree finances, however I try and write about life, living and creativity first, all from a frugal perspective. 

Please feel free to contact me via email at the email address below,  and I encourage you to subscribe to my blog. I generarally blog twice a week, and add a third day if I am working on a series piece, such as one about my caregiving experience.

Please feel free to comment, and comment often. Once in awhile you will find that comments on this blog have a political perspective, or other issue you disagree with. There are all kinds of readers who visit, in terms of politics, lifestyle, or other issues. Feel free to comment, share your perspective and yes, even disagree-as long as your post is polite and does not include profanity. I prefer to hear all perspectives on all topics, and am nt a fan of moderation or such unless it is absolutely necessary.

Thanks for stopping by. Please come back again!

My contact info:  bombergerb@comcast.net