Friday, January 11, 2019

More Slowly Than Surely

I think I've decided that I'll feel accomplished if all the Christmas and holiday items are put away by the end of January, since Epiphany Sunday has come and gone and I have a single bin packed up to go downstairs. I haven't even looked at the tree, the village is still mainly in it's place, Christmas dishes are in the sideboard and not packed up, and Christmas quilts and table runners still grace various surfaces. Never mind the past their bloom plants that need to be dealt with and re-potted. 

Note the poor dead plants (which did bloom beautifully!!) and the nativity set still on the shelf!

Admittedly, a small part of this is that someone other than me needs to bring boxes up from the basement. I also need to admit that adult offspring has taken his collection of nutcrackers back to his space. What will I do after he graduates and moves without those to decorate my mantle?

Unfortunately that's not the only way I'm moving slowly these days. I can blame it on January I suppose. Only except for this snowy weekend, the weather has been sunny and in the low fifties and will return to that by the middle of next week at the latest. It is also getting dark early still, but I think the end result is I'm just feeling some kind of post holiday laziness. And I've decided I'm going to run....or rather walk..with that.

I've yet to go to an exercise class now that I am a real Silver Sneaker-although I do attempt to walk around my house for ten minutes a pop as many times as I can, and workout with weights and bands. I had to take a large part of the kimono I'm knitting for my daughter out and rework it (too many lacy yarn overs to just go back to the last row). I can't seem to decide which of the two projects below to begin next, knitting wise, as well as which fabrics to choose for daughter's T-shirt quilt reboot!  And I've spent more than my share of time legs up (either in bed or recliner) reading and TV watching as opposed to doing those things on my goals list like cleaning a room a month!  

Found on free knitting

Fortunately, I've also managed to hit a gals day out, and a knitter's meeting since the first of the year, as well as going to my orientation for my new medical practice (which I love, love, love, and will talk more about later). 

Truth be told, it's only the 11th. The month is less than half gone. The sun will come out. I know exactly where I'm going to begin with the shelves in my bedroom, as well as how I plan to go through the clothes in my closet in some part. I HAVE decided on my next charity project and learned how to cut T-shirts into strips for knitting, as well as doing more than my share of reading and Netflix and Utube visiting. And If I'm having more lazy nesting time than productive time, well, it's winter after all. 

My newist TV series Maniac. And yes, that is a VERY thin Jonah Hill!

And organizer of said group or not, after looking out the window, I'm missing my monthly book group. Tea and crumpets or no. I will, however, find a way to get out tomorrow in order to attend that elegant high tea that I had to reserve six months in advance. 

The view this morning through my very dirty and dog smudged front window!

Fortunately the snow will be gone and the son will have returned by Monday-although I'm not promising that my energy level will have improved a bit!


  1. Ohhhhh, I love those knitting patterns. I pick the first one as the first project. But then I am a sweater girl most of the time.

    God bless.

  2. Love that first sweater. It looks both easy and elegant. Set in sleeves are not hard to do. Try making a few baby sweaters with set in sleeves for the practice...goes quickly and it's easy see the principle of how they are shaped and set.

    You have more snow than we do here in Michigan. We're had no where near our average winter. The weatherman is calling it a snow drought.
    Bone chillingly cold though where all you want to do is cuddle in a chair and knit or read.

  3. If you need inspiration watch Tidying with Marie Kondo. It’s on Netflix. I liked the tv version better than the book. Love the diverse group of people she helps. We’re all snowed in here in Missouri. Lazy day except for removing the HEAVY 15” of snow off my driveway.

  4. I know exactly what you're going through. I'm feeling the same way. Still more Christmas decorations to pack up and I haven't felt inspired yet to start a new project. I did do some baking this week, after taking a break from all the Christmas baking. But just banana bread since I had ripe bananas to use. I'm giving myself permission to be unproductive for a while. And it's snowing today, so how can I not hunker down with my cat and watch my favorite team play basketball this afternoon.

  5. Funny ... I have the same view out of my window: snow with trash cans.


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