Saturday, August 1, 2020

Frugal-ish Friday on Saturday

Folks, I apologize but we are on moderation for awhile. Some of you may have seen the multiple posts on curing herpes and the like that have suddenly begun appearing and seem to not be caught by the spam catcher. I'm working on it and meanwhile I will keep close eye and respond quickly.

Today was my third day having a diet coke for my cold morning caffeine instead of the "real thing". I'm not holding my breath, but we'll see how it's going. I have not eliminated all carbs or sugars from my life (probably never will) and Lord knows once in a while I will probably have that red can at some other time during the day. But my blood test was a teeny bit high, so I am jumping on the wagon quickly, as well as upping my around the house step quick march routine (I've been concentrating on strength to the detriment of movement just a bit).

Overall, it's been a pretty darn contented week around here. I sometimes hesitate to say that knowing that for some of my readers the opposite is true, but sunshine, outside time and having a good "puttering" gene has kept me busy. I was sad about cancelling my gals group meetup the other day because of Covid, and the knowing that I may not see them all before I go. But there is a small group waiting to restart in a different form in the new year, so things will be fine. And I will be fine going back to smaller social events for sure.  

Now this is my artistic level, and I can do it all with stuff in my craft room with the exception perhaps of a thick brush marker!

As for the puttering and the things I did this week in the Covid zone, I'm deep into the second shawl (I'm a shawl and cardigan person vs a jacket person so shawls are what keep me warm when it's not really cold and yet I need a cover over decent clothes). I did too much  fabric cutting (the least fun part, that comes after the designing and before the sewing/gluing/attaching, depending on the project). I downloaded some Barbara worthy (read scary easy almost elementary) card ideas for my next bout of cards. I took a drive, in my decluttering mode I filled a large paper bag or two of torn paper, and I spent time outside. Lots of time. I'm also deep into the second season of a show.  I have both  fiction and non fiction reading going!

Frugalish Stuff

  • We've eaten all meals at home and cooked at home. I'm all for supporting local business but I need to save all the pennies for the moving van this fall so we have a hiatus in that area.  I'm about to do a deep dive into the freezer so we know what's in there because aside from eating it down the poor thing is desperate for a good thaw/defrost.
  • I subscribe to like ten channels through Amazon Prime and the fire stick:  Masterpiece, Acord, BritBox, Topic, Mhz and a couple more.  I have a master list of what is on each channel and will now only do one channel at a time since there is no dinging when you stop and start (and some times there are free trials). I keep Netflix, Prime and Hulu, and will let Disney go once everyone who uses my password has seen Hamilton.I already got rid of the Great Courses and now rely on Coursera and other free channels (and Utube). Now if I could just stop wavering on Kindle Unlimited and Audible
  • During my subscription box period I put one in the mail at the beginning of June, and today I got dinged for it in full. I emailed them and told them I watched the mail person take it and I kept one thing. Thankfully it looks like they will refund me the difference although they have not received it and it  must be in mail hell somewhere.
  • Maybe frugal, Maybe not? I received a card in the mail that offered me an 18 dollar Amazon gift card for living an "honest" review of my Fitfort tracker. I suspect what they mean is they want me to improve the review I left. Mine does great on tracking and heart rate, but I had to be honest and say that even after calibration if I had the BP it says I do, I would not be walking upright, and that for me the app is a mess. While I won't lie, if I can make the review more friendly I will but that's all I can say.
  • We entertained ourselves, fed ourselves and created and organized with no spending at all, using only things on hand except for a few food items. That remains the long term goal, although I will need a few yards of fabric at some point, and will slowly need to gather packing materials (I'm willing to spend on boxes so they are all the same size). Oh, and we bought some wire fencing to keep out the killer rabbits.


  1. Now I wish I hadn't reviewed my Fitfort for free when I first got it. $18.00 on a cheap watch like that is quite a trade-off. My blood pressure part works good, even tested it against the doctor's office recently. But I spent probably an hour working on the calibration when I first got it.

    I wouldn't have the foggiest idea how to subscribe to all those TV thing you do. Amazing what's out there!

    1. Irs a great deal, and since the app is working better now I will up grade it. I calibrated the hell out of the thing and it still regularly shows my bo at being like 170 over 100 and since I check it myself thats not even close.amazo. prime has a section that says you channels. So I don't use cable You can access any channel through prime, its actually simple. Think of it as a roku or cable without a box.

  2. I love the card. I might even be able to do something like that.

  3. Weeks like you've described are great one in my books, but I like to putter and spend time outside when I can, and just enjoy the peace and quiet of my home.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. I am definitely a social being and really miss my gals. But I am mainly okay and looking to meet new gals in the new year (we can only hope).

  4. I do love a REAL Coke, but mostly drink diet. But, there is nothing better than a REAL Coke.

  5. I'm not sure what the card is supposed to represent ... but I like it. You obviously have some talent!

    1. Ton, I'm not the creator of this one, just looking to tale ideas from it. The purpose of this ine is just to make someone happy.

  6. Lovely week you have had.

    I think I could do that card as well. Love the way it looks.

    God bless.


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