Friday, September 16, 2022

Making Fun

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with today's post. Just an early Birthday gift from a friend who know I consider Lemon Meringue pie and lobster to be their own food groups.

For those of you who are aware of the “spoon theory” of chronic illness and pain, this has been a week with few spoons. Today I was picking up meds at Kroger and I walked out with two Home Chef meals, a roasted chicken, two ready made sandwiches, chef salad bowls, and premade snacks in containers. My lack of energy means more money and more trash. Big sigh. I need a chef.

Recently I have learned, or re-learned I guess post pandemic, that many (most, perhaps) people don’t road trip the way I do. Some people, it seems, plot their trip, get in the car or RV and drive from point to point, perhaps stopping for gas or a drive thru or eating in the car.

I, on the other hand, generally make my reservations to be after five or so hours driving, no matter how much light there is. Because invariably, I am going to see a sign that says “Cathedral of the Plains”, or “Largest prairie dog in the world” (both on I70) or something similar, and want to pull off the road and see it. Or I may have packed a picnic lunch, stopped at a nice rest stop, and decided to enjoy the sun and people watch for a while.  Or take the dog on a walkabout when I traveled with the dog. 

Don’t get me wrong. The destination calls me, or I would not have taken the trip, be it a day drive or longer. But the trip itself is, in my experience, at least just as important. And as much as an adventure. And I ALWAYS enjoy my trips. Even if there are hazards, even if the sights weren’t what I expected. Because I love the doing part, as well as the viewing part.

With a nod to Donna's blog today, I’ll add that for the most part, this is how life goes around here. All the people who comment on how beautiful my quilts are have not seen me draw. Or paint. Or experiment with mixed media, or make jewelry. Or do creative writing and poetry. Or make body products. Or other things. One of those things I no longer do at all as it doesn’t call to me. The others I do. Not necessarily well. But because I am enjoying them. A couple I have gotten better at. Some I never will.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the making, and the mess. Put simply, I like to make stuff. And do stuff. Some of the stuff I am really good at making or doing Some of the stuff I am not good at although I will get better at it. And some of the stuff will not improve, but I keep on doing it, just because it’s fun. Even though no one will see it, even though I may not keep it when I’m done. Because the fun part is in the doing.

If you like playing the piano, keep playing the piano. Whether you improve significantly or not. And if you want to try a hobby or a class or something else, try it. Most things are pretty cheap to try. You’ll like it and try it again, you’ll hate it and try something else, or some variation thereof. Just as there’s nothing wrong with liking something even if you don’t always get better, it’s also okay to try something for a while, have fun, and then move on to something else.

I am that mother. The one who said okay if after two seasons her kid wanted to play soccer instead of softball. Signing up for sports or dance or scouts or any of the dozen other things they did was not a lifetime or even a high school commitment. If it was fun, they did it. If it wasn’t fun, they quit. Supplies were sold, and recycled (most of the equipment we got was through a sharing system and it simply got shared). The end result of this relaxed, non committed style of parenting is that there are a couple things each kid likes and does well. But there are also a plethora of other things that they like to do occasionally, understood or learned from and formed a basis for their opinions later in life. And living life in this way did not lead them to be unable to commit or work hard.

I’ve rambled more than I planned here. In the end, there will be some things you love, and some things you want to learn more about and get better at. Sometimes you will find something that fits both sides. But it doesn’t matter. As long as you are having fun, keep on having fun. You don’t have to show your stuff, share your stuff, read your stuff or even keep your stuff when you’re finished, as long as you had fun at the time.

Results are fun and nice, and make us feel good. But the doing part alone can also make us feel fun and nice, and equally good. Even if the results look like fingerpainting. Trust me.

Coming up next:  Gabba or Cymbalta or Lyrica?  The time has come.


  1. I like your philosophy, Barb. I let my son quit piano when he no longer wanted to practice. Would you believe later in life, he asked me why I let him quit because he wishes he could play the piano today? Tsk.

  2. I do not consider myself an artistic or even creative person. But during the pandemic, I spent a fair amount of time playing with various crafts. I even painted a couple of small paintings...neither of which will see the light of day again. :p
    Your child raising ideas were similar to mine, but for perhaps different reasons. I could afford only one activity per child and if they decided to quit one they could move onto another after the session was over. My son took me up on that a number of times, while my daughter stayed with gymnastics.

    1. Many of the things my kids did were church and scout related or public playground or rec. Soccer cost 30 bucks each season and the equipment and shirts kinda got passed around so the cost was minimal. Generally we had a one physical activity and one non rule per season.

  3. Sorry to hear you had a rough week, Barb. You've certainly tried hard to figure out how to best handle your challenges, and now it sounds like you're considering different medications. Sometimes it seems like we have to tie another knot and hold on for dear life. (And I don't mean that disrespectfully, but there are times a person doesn't know what to do next). I'd never heard of the Spoon Theory, so I had to research it. It makes sense and helps others to understand how you're feeling. One thing I know for sure, you are blessed with a sweet friend who gave you pie!!! Another thing I know for sure is your faith will lead you in the decisions that lie ahead. Best wishes!!

  4. Thanks for the shout out and for your thoughtful take on the creative process. Somehow I got dropped off the subscription list, but I will remedy that!

  5. I like your ideas about having fun creating. The fun can be in the making rather than the resulting product. Oh that pie looks yummy, our family lemon meringue pie recipe uses the meringue as the crust.


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