Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Accepting Some New Limitations

Last week, we actually had a cool morning, so I went outside and walked after I had had my caffeine and wake up time. I walked for about thirty minutes, as that’s all my “I still have PF” heel can handle on the cement!

After I came in and had my breakfast, I did a few morning things around the house and checked online and then I went out to do a day of errands-many of which were walking type things. I did a deep dive in the dollar store, and then I walked end to end and back and forth in a large craft/hobby store which shall not be named because with me it could have been any of the above. And then my legs (mainly my right leg), pretty much said blankety blank you. We’re done. That’s our limit.

And so I went home, the day’s plans upended. Mind you, I didn’t spend the rest of the day sitting. I did normal things around the house in between putting my feet up.  I even went to the pool in the afternoon with some gal pals, although it was relaxing pool time, not exercise pool time.

Unfortunately, this was not a one time event.  I am getting healthier, and stronger in many areas. But the leg is getting weaker. In terms of standing and in terms of the kind of walk awhile and then stand in one place for a while movement that shopping in stores and doing errands generally require, I am getting weaker and losing my stamina. 

This is not fun as such, and does not make me happy, although I accept it as a side effect of aging and my chronic disease.  It’s not the inability to do errands as such that bothers me, but rather the ability to go when I want where I want to do what I want. And do that  until I am done.

It also does not cause me happiness because I recognize that this is just a symptom of a lot of things I cannot control. Some things simply due to age, and some due to my personal health and body clock/energy issues.

But I’m not about to stop doing what I do, going where I go, seeing who I see or any of the other things in my life.  I may do less each day, take longer breaks in between, and even rely on outside resources.  But stop? No way.

Tomorrow I’m going to Hobby Lobby (I will at some point explain why that is) and then to the thrift store next store. After that, only my body and daily energy level know, lol.


  1. I believe I'm quite a bit younger but I know I hit a wall last night with my knee. I think doing your favorite activities while knowing when you need to rest, will keep you active, even if just a bit less.

  2. At some point as we age we have to learn to pace ourselves. I can't take a lot of walknig in one day either.

  3. I am right there with you on the no stopping front!

  4. It really is frustrating to feel limitations creeping up on us! Sometimes I try to deny it, but there are days when health concerns confront us in a big way. My mom and I had PF at about the same time, years ago, and it took us what seemed like forever to get over it. She would have been around my present age, and it took her longer to heal. Last week, I ended up in the ER with sky-high blood pressure. Sometimes it feels like trying to maintain health becomes a full-time job, lol. I love what you said about not giving up, "No way!" Barb, I know you are a woman of strong faith, and I pray that God will continue to help and encourage you.

  5. It drives my family crazy that I refuse to let limitations decide how I will live my life. Like you, I have decided that I will keep going until the good Lord decides I should stop.

  6. You accomplish more than you think! I say listen to your body. Rest when you need to. Learn your high energy times. Meditate (nap) every day for 30 minutes. We can do this!

  7. I know you have said what the name of the condition is that causes you not to be able to walk well, but I forgot. Refresh me, please. Walking is getting to be so much pain and trouble for me.


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