Monday, April 12, 2021


My days do not have  a great deal of routine (at least compared to many retirees I know). I don't know if I get more or less  done on any given day in retirement than anyone else. I do know that I don't feel the need to be "doing" or "productive" throughout my my retirement days or weeks. When I look at all the things some folks list as having done every day in various forums, and blogs and facebooks, I wonder at the energy.

I've had a little bit more structure during the last year of cabin fever, but still much less than many. And I am slowly letting go of most of that as we tip our toes back into the new normal, whatever that means. I have enough things to keep me amused and challenged when I need them and I have no problem sitting out on the patio for an hour or on any given day. Which was what happened this morning. 

I do have some  small morning and evening routines that kind of sort of keep me in check, and in Texas I am heading full tilt into the hot weather morning routine. So I I'm happy to say that I walked forty minutes this morning, had my prayer and meditation time, ate breakfast and picked up, got dressed and still managed to sit out on the patio for well over an hour doing nothing but listening to the chirping birds chatting with others and looking at bathing suits on Amazon (you can hate them, but you also  still gotta love them much of the time). All before some time a little after eleven. 

Yesterday my daughter the plant lover stopped by with three big pots of flowers, and three small "railing" type pots in which I think I will probably grow herbs (or scucclents). Now I just need to keep said flowers amongst the living, and perhaps we can add some more. We also moved the artificial trees that she got when she moved me in and I'll put decorative plant stakes in pots. It was almost impossible to find ceramic pots both tall enough and wide enough to hold them this weekend so for now we're going with the rocks as weight and if I absolutely have to I'll tie to the railing maybe. 

The online colors of my striped chair covers were really off compared to the table cloth, as were the other seat covers I tried. They don't match. But they will match the small blue pillows so I think I'll just remove the table cloth. Cleaning pollen off the glass  table is no worse than off the cloth. I did forget that I brought my german pottery planters on this trip so they'll go on the table as well. Today I hope to add the large solar string lights to the patio rail. 

Still working on the wall decisions and the handmade decor as well as deciding on hanging plants. It's a work in progress. One that will change more than once, knowing me.

Rough inspiration for using the green and gold and orange

Fabric ideas to take with me to the fabric store.

Meanwhile, I've been trying since I moved in to come up with a single color scheme that I could use  all year around by just changing the hues/shades a bit. Because I am spring/summer/fall/winter decor type! And that would go with beige furniture and cream walls because those are all the neutrals I can stand, lord help me. I've finally come up with a general idea and looked at fabric and picked patterns. Now to go to Joanne's and see if I can find the similar colors and prints for half the price. Maybe even with a coupon.  Because as many times as I change out pillow covers and table runners and throws, we need to go for the best quality at the lowest price around here. Even switching out, they will be much cheaper done by me than most of the stuff I have seen online.

I'm wondering if I can paint some picture frames in similar colors for the table top and shelf picture frames?

Tomorrow my morning routine will be none at all, as I plan to take a drive (weather depending) and/or visit the fabric and craft stores and perhaps get lunch. Take out that is.


  1. I am so looking forward to the life you are leading now, when you don't feel compelled to be busy all the time. Your plants are really great!

  2. You can ABSOLUTELY paint photo frames! Just make sure you run some sandpaper over them to knock off any glossy finish.

  3. It has been driving me nuts the past few weeks that I couldn't do anything because of my surgery. I have now started to do more than dust, cook or do the dishes. Still if I can't get it done before might just get left till the next day.

    Love those colours, I tend to go towards jewel colours but I could live with those.

    God bless.

    1. It always takes many times longer to recover than the surgery or injury, from my experience.

  4. It's in my nature to keep track of what I do daily because if I don't it might be weeks before between vacuuming and washing floors, etc. But as a friend of mine once said, some days I plan to do nothing and if I get half of that done I'm satisfied.

    Your patio is looking very inviting! Enjoy.

  5. Hi Barbara, What do you do for window coverings in your living room? Do you make your own curtains? With all the fabric choices at JoAnn Fabrics, I am wondering if it is something I would want to do. By the way, your patio looks very nice and I never thought of getting string solar lights. I am going to search the internet for them.

    1. Hey there, sorry for being off the grid. Right now i have only blinds in every room. Not sure what I'm going to do yet, Know I will have curtains in the bedroom for extra dark. Right now I'm wavering between curtains and not in the living room. I have two visions and not sure if I can explain them clearly. The first would involve a single rod and the use of eylets or metal rings at the top of the curtains (I would wither make them two sided and turn inside and out or just hem them all around first. The second would be just making a rod pocket or large loop at the top go across..

  6. Your patio looks like a nice oasis.

  7. I looks like you're really settling in beautifully. I think your patio area looks so pretty and comfortable.


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