Friday, October 18, 2019

Frugal Friday-7 Frugal Things!

My son has had a schedule change. He is not eating home daily except for breakfast (although I am trying to encourage him to take something from home with him during the day so he's not only eating pizza and calzones). Which, aside from the fact that he's eating more pasta and carbs because it's there, means we have more leftovers here. Today I since I already had country ribs thawed I threw them in the slow cooker, but from now on in my effort to ban food waste I'm going to need to be more aware of what's in the fridge.

Some of the frugal retirement things done in the past week:

1.  I made a menu list from that list of things that were in the freezer in order to figure out how low I could go for the rest of the month and how little I could get away with buying. Other than milk, eggs and fruit/veggies.

2. As I downsize  a bunch of stuff, I'm mainly  concentrating on letting it go as opposed to trying to sell everything. So I first list things on my local buy nothing groupA couple days ago I had posted a "want/wish" on the page for a rolling bag or backpack to use for water aerobics in the winter. I ended up with the bag below. Which is so nice I think I'll be keeping it for it's intending purpose and using it on the road.  

3.  I finished the inventory of my clothing. I'm working on making a list to put on a page at the top for accountability. I did decide that I will do my downsizing mainly through attrition rather than donating or selling. Whether they match my planned color schemes (green/gold/rust and blue/lavender/pink) or not, If I have been wearing them and liking them they will stay until they are ready to go. I also made the list of things I need in order of importance (hello, heavy cardigans).  

4.  Admitting that my exceptions will be more than a few, I am embarking on a challenge of buying used and recycling as much as possible for the next six months. Because of the holidays, there will obviously be more than the normal exceptions, never mind underwear, crafting supplies, personal products and food. I'll have a separate post on that one soon.

5. I grabbed some single skeins from my stash to make some neck warmer scarf/cowls to donate to the church bazaar 9which raises money for those in need with it's sales, and am trying to use fabric on hand for the mug rug/candle mat gifts for my gals group recipients (I made a change from the ornaments based on fabric on hand).

6. I made a master budget for November, December and January which included local travel and my master Christmas list (one of my October goals)

7. Because I am going to a holiday (Halloween) tea next week which will be $40, I've not scheduled any lunch or happy hours out for a week. Although since I got a movie gift card for my birthday there is a small chance that on Tuesday I might go to see the new Zombieland!

If, that is, my call in advance of jury duty on Monday leaves me not having to report to the courthouse at 8 am.  Oh, Joy!


  1. You number three about clothing inventory really interests me. I can't wait to see your list. I so rarely ever buy clothing except for socks and underwear and I have a hard time parting with stuff. But I will need to downsize to a new place and need a master plan that works. I'm hoping yours will inspire me.

    You sure are a master at making lists and plans.

    1. Of course making the lists and plans and doing them are a seperate thing.

  2. Quite a nice frugal list Barb. Good job.

    God bless.

  3. In Canada, you can be excused from jury duty if you're 65 years or older without any further excuse or justification. It may be different where you live.

  4. I like the idea of wearing it out instead of giving it away. Goodwill, a profit company, sends clothing to Asia and Africa to be sold after 90 days. Not interested in dumping....

    1. Agreed. I'm not comfortable with just disposing unless it's a non fitting item or somethingbinsctually hate. I would prefer to downsize through attrition.

  5. You've thought things through and your lists make sense. I'm on board with you when it comes to your first point about food. We were so used to buying meat on sale (from years when we were feeding a family), that I had to put on the brakes and use up what we had. Now I'm careful to keep limited amounts of the cuts/types we like best, and only buy when we start to get low. When I think about it, we're actually doing that with all of our groceries now. It has cut waste and saves money (yay!).It's just wonderful that you were able to get that bag. Bet you'll love it! As for clothes, hubby and I just had a pow-wow this morning. I had ordered him jeans and both of us flannel shirts from LLBean. We have loved their quality for many years, but things have changed with their fabrics. I almost feel like we're mourning the passing of an old friend, but we decided to return the items and be grateful for all the good old stuff hanging in our closets. We need knock around clothing more than any other type, and we have plenty. I am stopping my habit of ordering new items for ever season UNLESS we actually have a need. It's embarrassing to admit that I've always ordered us a few new things, seasonally, just so we have something new to wear. The truth is, we don't need anything new right now. Barb, thanks for sharing what you're thinking and doing, because that helps me to start thinking more objectively, too. Plz keep us posted on your progress!

    1. I am fairly relaxed. There are thing I need but other than a couple heavier cardigans they can wait. Colorado is naturally very relaxed! I will.have more updates jury visit.

  6. First off, I am a knitter who dislikes the casting on portion of knitting. Especially something as large as a blanket. Those I tend to crochet instead...even though the initial chain is just as long.

    Like you, I'm trying to be more conscious of what is in the freezer/fridge before I start menu planning. That's a real work in progress.

    I love your idea of a clothing list and I do tend to buy used clothing and watch for deeply discounted items. So what if it is last years?

    Have a great week ahead! Hope your jury duty is short-lived.

  7. I admire how organized you are. I admit to being a bookaholic and am in the midst of my October ban on buying books. There is one I dearly want but I am waiting until next month to buy it. Also I am going to post some of my travel/expats living abroad/classic adventure books for sale since I like to declutter.

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