Wednesday, September 11, 2019


I've been really really busy getting  ready to travel-digging out things for daughter and so on and I'll be posting soon. Meanwhile, among all the remembrances today, I want us all to also take a moment to remember that New York was not the only place to suffer or where there were heroes on 911. Admittedly I say that as someone who comes from Arlington, Virginia. But also because the longer I live, the longer I think that considered where the flight in Pennsylvania was headed, that group of people is the most ingnored and may deserve the most thanks.

Either way, please remember ALL the heroes, and ALL those who died years ago on this day.


  1. Sad and somber day of remembrance.

  2. Yes it's good we all remember. We went to a ceremony outside Philadelphia in the morning .. 18 of our neighbors died that day.


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