Barb's Needs and Wants List

A current working list of wants and needs that is an ever changing target. Does not include Texas list which will be another list and as of this writing it does not include non "things" like health or car expenses which I will add as time allows.

Home and Household Related Items:

  • Vacuum-desperately need and one that works on both wood and rugs. Will travel with me
  • Stand for patio umbrella. Curent one is too big around hole wise and the thing could fly off in a strong wind also a fairly desperate need for the yard.
  • Some new throw pillows. Current are so old that even covering them from my stash is probably not workable-but still a want rather than a need.
  • A one quart sauce pan. Our smallest is two quarts. Not a need in anyway but if there is a deal at some point it would go with me to Texas when I am cooking for just me.
  • A hard wood spray mop. Not a need right now, I am using wood spray and rags under a swiffer mop, so even on wants this is on the lower tier, especially since I will be all carpet and tile in kitchen and bath in Texas.

Craft and Creative items mainly to complete projects-some hopefully to sell
  • Quilt batting - I have none, absolute desperate need, preferrably for just a large roll
  • Fixative to use on fabric to paint for my art quilts - a need but an expensive one
  • White flannel to make a sewing to sell project-a need if I want to sew and sell.
  • Cotton yarn to make either a summer tank or kimono (this would be a new project, not one I am finishing)-A want rather than a need, at this point
  • Some small items like stencils for crafting-want not need
  • A large rotary cutter mat. A need but not an immediate one, depends on price and deal. I've had the current one since 2013.
  • A new desk/sewing table lamp. Nightstand lamp died and I moved tall pretty lamp o my desk in there, but still a want rather than  need in terms of immediacy.
  • A couple solid color tanks for the hot weather, that will fit beneath my very open weave sweater. A need but I can take my time and find a deal.
  • Bras-nuff said, defininte need
  • A new pair of SAS comfort sandals in black (a need but not an immediate one)
  • Tank dresses (short or long) for wearing around the house since I prefer dresses to shorts-a want rather than a need and I will wait for deals and maybe even search used.
  • A couple silky kimono. Would be used more in Texas than here so a want not a need for sure.
Misc Items

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