Friday, November 29, 2019

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Other Annoyances

Today I am recovering from Thanksgiving dinner times two, and tonight I have a small happy hour while checking out the tree lighting downtown. I've decided to tentatively remain at home and do any Black Friday shopping online. Other than that I tend to plan to enjoy the long weekend at home, except for church on Sunday.

This morning I got up, went to check into my normally friendly frugal and retirement type groups-and waded directly into the Happy Holiday/Merry Christmas Wars. Heaven help me. So, while I'm addressing that, you all get to hear a few other (mainly minor) issues that are on my mind this morning.
  • First of all, if feel you need to write a post about Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Season's Greetings or anything else in the near future, take a breath. Because the phrase "Happy Holidays" is actually more religious and Christmas related than any of the others. You heart me correctly. "Happy Holidays" originated as a way to include the entire season of Christian holidays -Advent (because it ain't Christmas until Dec 5), Christmas (which ends in January) and Epiphany (which happens Jan 6). Because, people, this is not Christmas, it's Advent. Ya know? If you're a practicing Christian, you know all this. And if you're a secular "Santa and the Reindeer" Christian, it really shouldn't matter a whit. Never mind the fact that two other religions celebrate a holiday in December.  So please, say whatever phrase you wish, and stop being upset at what others say. Or why they say it.
  • This morning I went to look at a simple recipe online. And before I could get there, I got to read the blogger's life story, why this recipe was sponsored by (enter food company here), how their husband/wife never ate (fill in the blank) until they tried this recipe, and about ten other unrelated food things. I love, adore, even rely on food bloggers all the time. But. Please people,  please just show me-or at least link to- the recipe on the top of the page. THEN share your sponsorship or life story. Please.
  • Folks, just because you can do it, does not mean that I (or someone else can do it). Feel free to fill in whatever you want for the it here. We are all made different, even without disabilities and the "I did this, what's your excuse" thing that rages across the Internet is stupid and judgmental.
  • Can someone please tell me why the city requires that I have to have my driveway and sidewalks clear in 24 hours, but the plows can take a full 36 and sometimes longer? It's pretty irritating when someone has come and completely cleared my drive and walk and then I wake up/look out the window to three feet of snow blocking the drive because I am that house where the excess snow gets offloaded.
  • I like turkey well enough. On Thanksgiving. This year I kind of liked it two days rather than one. But I am not a turkey person beyond that. So while everyone else moves on to two or three days of leftovers, I'm heading to the leftover beef stew or breakfast for dinner, thank you very much!
  • If you need to talk about how frugal or so on you are with your money, in public in the real world, it could be you are preparing to be cheap. Example being the nice couple who took their family out to dinner, told the waitress how frugal they were, and left a one dollar tip. Seriously, you give those of us who a good managers of money (and kind people) a bad name.
  • Finally, just because you have a friend who sews, or knits, or makes things out of wood, or even cooks and bakes (for fun or as a hobby), this does not mean that yes, they will make you a skirt (sweater, wedding cake) in two days. For five or ten bucks.
And there you have it. Feel free to express opinions, share with me why I'm wrong and if you have ever experienced any of the same. Back to our regular scheduled programming in a day or two.


  1. The people complaining abut holiday greetings are behind the times. The current administration has declared that he won the War on Christmas and at the same time he declared "they" are trying to take Thanksgiving away and "as long as I'm president I won't let that happen." He was talking about an online petition that got a whole 18 votes. Isn't it crazy to argue about holiday greetings? Say whatever you want to whoever you want and accept the warmth behind whatever greeting comes your way.

    Put me on the list of people who could eat dark turkey year-around. I especially like turkey and cranberry sandwiches. I would love to come to your house on Thanksgiving because I'll bet I'd go home with a lot of left-over turkey. LOL

  2. Let's just let people call this time of year whatever they wish. As a Catholic
    I will usually say Season's Greetings until Christmas arrives and then it is Merry Christmas.

    God bless.

  3. I'm happy when someone greets me, whatever they happen to say, as long as they are friendly and cheerful. As for turkey, there is a reason we have pork roast for Christmas dinner. It pairs with sage and even poultry seasoning. Not a fan of the leftovers from a huge turkey.

  4. Holiday= holy day
    Yep, just give me the recipe!
    Ability plus desire. I had friends tell me I should learn to change the oil pan in my car after my divorce. Okay, lessons, tools, price of oil pan!!! I pointed out they bought all their clothes while I made mine. Give me a break!
    Okay, I love turkey forever.
    Stiffing a waitress is cheap not frugal!
    I had a friend who wanted me to make her a slip out of scraps I had. Slip fabric is expensive and I never had scraps! She was not going to pay me because she really wanted it for her daughter, she said.

    I got really tired of her and would not sew and upholster for free.

  5. Short and simple: I love this post, Barb. You have nailed what irritates me, too. There is such a thing as over-sharing, and the Internet seems to encourage it.

  6. GOOD ON YOU! We share the same pet peeves. Especially low or no tipping. Grrrr.

    Enjoy every holy day and holiday your way!

  7. How is it possible you have read my mind on every point!!

    Nice to see I am not alone. Aslo, I had one slice of turkey on Thursday and brought 1 slice home for a divine sandwich today.

  8. If asked to make a skirt/sweater (or in my case, a quilt) in two days for $5, say you'll do it -- for your usual fee.

    Which should be at least $10-20/hr, not including cost of materials. That should do it!

  9. Well, I feel better just reading your post!

  10. The whole recipe thing truly drives me crazy. I don't enjoy reading about your family dynamics, your pets, or what you find funny about your last shopping adventure at the grocery store. All I want is ...the Recipe!

    Regarding left over turkey, I made Turkey Tetrazinni using a recipe from the Pioneer Woman which a post that primarily focused on the recipe. Imagine that!!

  11. I think that cooking sites that have a link that takes you directly to the recipe are the way to go.


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