Monday, June 10, 2019

Monday Musings-Brain Dump Edition

It's Monday morning and I am pretty exhausted. 

Last weekend was another of my church's family promise week (Homeless families stay at our church, and I am in charge of the food and the evening hosting). These days I choose short term intensive volunteering for more reasons than I can list here. Most of them have to do with the level of involvement with those I help, but some of it has to do with the fact that then there are "off weeks" and months even that are completely mine. As opposed to the weekly commitment year around of so many hours. This particular week during my involvement I completely missed any sewing, most reading and most exercise so I am ready to get back in the groove for awhile.

I've been doing this kind of short term intensive volunteering for a year now, and I've decided I'd like to take it on the road, especially where it is needed. I'm looking at taking half or the full month of October to volunteer down south with refugees, and later to do another intensive two week gig away from home. More on that later.

On top of that, we've had a crippled dog this weekend. On Friday the little Chi-wa-wa went to the vet (she has a heart murmur and lung issues and takes lasix, but still manages to park and run and eat and walk and so on). In addition to her checkup she had her nails cut and they cut deeply into the foot-meaning the sent her home with a wrapped food on Friday and we had to bag it when she went on the wet grass and street to walk. While she has been miserable to be around, she seems to be feeling better. Yesterday when I left the house for awhile, she chewed that ever-loving bandage (that went all the way up her leg) off, tape and all. This morning I had her foot looked at and all is well (surprise). She also pooped and peed on the vet while examination was going on-expressing her own frustration with being cut!!

I did manage to get all of my squares cut and marked for my red, white and blue runner so the sewing will be fairly easy today and tomorrow,  and I threw the (obviously yet to be ironed) patriotic quilt on my table in the fireplace room. We also bought some african Violets and pots for my sister in law's birthday that are resting there for now. Im thinking about getting her a one time box from Sunbasket as well.

Today I'm back to my mainly at home Monday schedule. I do need to run to the store and get hamburgers for dinner along with one or two other things that cannot wait for my weekly Clicklist order tomorrow afternoon. I'm also wandering out of the house as well as spending off budget to get my son a new coffee maker-it's time to give this old thing a good burial-I don't think it is even donatable, as it occasionally spews. We have a Keurig and a regular coffee maker because a certain person in this house needs immediate coffee or she cannot let her dog out or open her eyes, and the other person drinks three or four cups. Me, I'm the tea or cold carbonated caffeine gal. 
very, very old

very, very new!

Last week, during that period when I was totally sleepless? As well as reading I grabbed a journal and started writing whatever was in my head, in no particular order. I started out writing things I wanted and needed to do and by the time I was finished I had partially illegal scratches on multiple pages. Notes that said everything from do more, be adventurous, learn to embroider, go to Arizona and even "I need milk". And yes, to answer the question, things I was surprised about when I looked at all the scribbles the next day! A brain dump in the extreme. Yesterday afternoon, I attempted to put that stuff in some kind of order in my regular two month journal, because I decided that if it was something I wrote in the middle of the night, it was probably worth remembering. I still haven't translated all of it, but it's working, and there's a lot of "do, do , do" whatever that means. My son says I'm obligated to write a missive on everything I wrote. I don't know about that, but at least something was gained from my sleepless even with a Benadryl night.

This week, I'm skipping knitting to go to the movies! I have knitting and sewing to keep me busy, a new Nevada Barr book, lunch and happy hour plans, and a plan to begin working on my annual capsule wardrobe ideas using the photo below. 

All of which could be derailed when I phone Wednesday evening to find out if I am actually called for jury duty again!  Hopefully if I do it will be as short and sweet as this experience!


  1. I think you got your money's worth out of that Cuisinart coffee maker!

  2. What a difference in looks between the old and new coffee makers:) Will you post photos of the African violets and pots that you got for your sister-in-laws birthday?

    1. Yrs, I forgot to include that. I'll share on wed.

  3. Have you been surprised by anything you wrote down "to do" during the night? The coffee maker does look like its life is over. Wish we had small appliance recycling in this country! And I don't know if you meant to show a photo related to your capsule wardrobe.

    1. Yes I forgot some photos, will share Wed. And yes, some things were surprising.

  4. I think I just might be a bit scared to write down my thoughts in the middle of a sleepless night.

    Would love to see a photo of your capsule wardrobe.

    God bless.

  5. I agree the coffee maker has done its job.

    The idea of short intensive volunteering sounds like a great idea to me. Since retiring it has crossed my mind but I don't want a "work-like" commitment. I'm planning to travel this fall and winter and wouldn't want to let the group down.

    I'll be interested in hearing more about your capsule wardrobe.

  6. VERY intriguing, this capsule wardrobe idea!! Can't wait to learn more. I agree that short intensive volunteering sounds good. Great way to give back on your own terms. LOVE your blog!


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