Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Volunteering In Retirement-Where I Am This Week

One of the advantages of having a fairly loose retirement style with few weekly commitments is the ability to say yes-to many things. To lunches out, to helping someone who needs help, to myself when I need a full day to become involved on a creative project, and so much more.

This  week, I am saying yes to a three day conference offered by the Episcopal church, called Love God, Love Neighbor.  The link gives a fairly good summary of the course for those who want to read it. Briefly, it assists us in helping refugees, getting them settled into the community, and (most importantly) advocate for those who are on their way or not here yet. 

As a church organization, Episcopalian Migration Ministries assures safe passage, sponsors refugee families, and provide vital services to new families and individuals. Because of the current governmental policies, we also advocate strongly for increased refugee numbers, especially from places like Syria, Africa and Iraq (where many individuals who helped US forces are killed on a daily basis).

As I mentioned in comments on another blog this week, I believe that voting is not enough, the current administration and world situation being fair proof of that. If we want change we need to work for it and help implement it, and this is an important issue for me.

So for the next three days, this night owl will be meeting downtown and participating in this conference (at my own church) with similar minded people all over the US. For those interested, I'll post more about my personal philosophy and what I've learned sometime down the road.

And though I may not resond to comments quite as quickly, I will be "around" and posting later this week as usual.


  1. I thank you now for your volunteerism and all the help we can get removing these jokers from their posts!

  2. Good for you, Barbara. You deserve a ton of credit. I truly admire you and your efforts on behalf of those who need it. I look forward to your post on what you experienced and learned at the conference.


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